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Every Herb has a specific way to consume it. Juice, Powder, Kadha – Every herb has a one or more specific way to prepare it’s abstract for intake Fruit, Leaves, Flowers, Roots, Small Branches – Again every herb has a specific part to be used All Time, specific season, specific Frequency – Some herbs can be taken every day, some to be taken for some specific duration and then to be repeated after particular time, some are seasonal Body type, Diseases specific, Normal – Some are ok for all people, some are better for some specific body type, some are to be avoided for some body type, some are for certain diseases and so on Quantity – Quantity is also important for every herb, needs to be consumed, varies for herb to herb Benefits – And lastly every herb has some stipulated benefits, and one need to take all herbs in prescribed way for overall health We are trying to combine all these factors while designing our combos for taking care of overall health of everyone. Be our member and we will be sending weekly news letters / whatsApp messages giving details of one herb each week on all above points, so that one can know more about our Rich Ancient Medical Science – Ayurveda.

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